1. Payment details are required at the time of booking. Aravis Transfers will provide confirmation by email of the booking reservation only once payment is taken.
  2. For private transfers the full transfer charge will be taken on booking.
  3. In the event of cancellation by the Client the full price will be used to calculate any charges made. In the event of excessive delays / cancellations to flights causing a Client to miss the scheduled shared transfer Aravis Transfers reserves the right to make an additional charge, at its discretion, up to the full transfer price. This is to ensure that other clients on the scheduled shared transfer will not have to pay any further charge.
  4. The person making the booking is deemed be acting as an agent for all members of the party who will be included on the transfer and accepts these booking conditions on behalf of each and every member of the party.
  5. Where Aravis Transfers book travel on services provided by 3rd party operators we do so as agents for the operator concerned whose own conditions of carriage will apply. Aravis Transfers� liability will be confined to travel on our own services.
  6. Although our drivers do have local knowledge the customer has responsibility for providing details and directions to the accommodation. Aravis Transfers cannot accept responsibility for knowing the location of all apartments, chalets or addresses in the region and you should contact your accommodation provider for a full map or directions to the accommodation. Our drivers will spend a maximum of 15 minutes looking for your accommodation before then dropping you and your guests at the village tourist information office.
  7. In the event of delays, cancellations and rescheduled flights Aravis Transfers will endeavour to fulfil the passenger�s transfer within the shortest possible timescale. This may entail sharing of transfers or an extended wait on arrival for pickup. If delays are of an excessive length additional vehicle journeys or extended driver waiting time may become necessary to fulfil the passenger�s transfer.

    Aravis Transfers reserves the right to apply a surcharge to the original transfer cost of up to �90 if client flights are delayed by between 1 and 2 hours from scheduled times. Flights delayed by more than 2 hours from scheduled times will be considered cancelled and a new transfer booking will be offered. The client retains the right to refuse any newly scheduled and priced transfer and organise alternative transport themselves. No monies will be refunded for transfers cancelled or missed due to delay.
  8. Aravis Transfers recommend that all guests take out adequate travel insurance covering delays and cancellations. In the event of clients needing to make an insurance claim due to cancellation or additional charges resulting from delay we will provide all necessary documentation to the client for their claim.
  9. The client is entitled to cancel your transfer at any stage prior to arrival. Written notice by email must be provided. For cancellations made at least 14 days before the date of travel Aravis Transfers will provide a full refund minus a �20 per vehicle journey administration charge. For cancellations made between 7 and 14 days before the date of travel Aravis Transfer will refund 50% of the total transfer cost. For cancellations made less than 7 days before the date of travel no refund will be made. In the event of a cancellation Aravis Transfers may permit, at its discretion, such monies as have been paid in respect of the cancelled booking to be applied to a future booking.
  10. Aravis Transfers will use every reasonable means to ensure that the vehicle(s) arrive(s) on time to begin the period of hire and that it reaches its destination on time. Aravis Transfers will not incur any liability whatsoever in the event of any delay due to causes beyond its control.

    Vehicles are fully insured for passenger and third party claims, as required under French law. However, whilst every care is always taken, customers' property is carried entirely at their own risk and no responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage. Customers are therefore advised to check their own travel insurance.

    The Company reserves the right (and delegates to its drivers the right) to refuse to carry any person who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and / or whose behaviour is considered to pose a threat to the driver, the vehicle or the other passenger(s).
  11. Neither smoking nor any consumption of alcoholic drinks are permitted in any of Aravis Transfers� vehicles.
  12. Aravis Transfers will endeavour to transport the client with the minimum discomfort and inconvenience to his/her destination shown on the confirmation document. However circumstances beyond our control may prevent the achievement of this responsibility. The following are examples of circumstances which are not within our control:
    • accidents causing delays to the vehicle
    • exceptional severe weather conditions
    • compliance with requests of the police
    • deaths and accidents on the road
    • vandalism and terrorism
    • unforeseen traffic delays
    • industrial action by third parties
    • problems caused by other customers
    • the vehicle being held or delayed by a police officer or government official
    • other circumstances affecting passenger safety
  13. If we fail for any reason within our control to deliver you to your confirmed destination we will provide suitable transport such as another coach, train, private car, taxi etc. but any reimbursement made by Aravis Transfers of the costs of alternative means of transport incurred by the passenger to get to the ticketed destination shall be no more than the cost of getting to that destination by taxi.
  14. We shall only be liable for any reasonable and foreseeable consequential losses arising directly out of a breach in contract. In such cases our liability shall be limited to �1000 per passenger.
  15. All transactions will be in Euros. This means with a fluctuating exchange rate the pounds amount may vary.
  16. These conditions will be governed in all respects by French Law.

NOTE: In light of new EU regulations, all young travellers under the height of 1.35m (4ft 5in) will have to use a child restraint - either a baby seat or a booster seat. Please advise us at the time of booking of how many child restraints you require for your party.